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Certification Program

To download Certification Irrigation Designer (CID) Program Exam Application Form click below:

Certified Irrigation Designer (CID) Exam Application Form

To download Certification Program Exam Rewrite Form click below:

Certification Program Exam Rewrite Fee

*Certified Irrigation Technician (CIT) exams should be applied for at time of course application.

General Outline of Certifications

The IIABC offers a variety of certifications but the following are the 4 Certification types:

  1. There is a Certified Irrigation Technician (CIT) program which requires a course and passing a closed book exam to become certified. The courses focus on irrigation system installation & maintenance. This "stream" consists of two CIT levels: CIT-Level 1 and an option of CIT-Level 2 Landscape or CIT-Level 2 Agriculture

  2. There is a Certified Irrigation Designer (CID) program. An IIABC member may register, receive a textbook and then write one of 7 different CID open book exams. No specific courses are required but it is recommended that some irrigation design training be taken prior to writing a CID exam. A minimum of one year design experience is required prior to writing a CID exam.

  3. Certified Irrigation Contractor (CIC) - This is a Contractor company certification which requires a list of requirements to become CIC Certified such as: IIABC membership, a business license, Certified Designer on staff, minimum liability insurance, IIABC Contractor Business Course. CIC Commercial also requires both a FSR LO Class Low Energy Certified person and a Backflow Tester on staff.

  4. Certified Irrigation Scheduler (CIS) - A Certified Irrigation Scheduler is trained to an assessment of an irrigation system for water waste and then create an efficient irrigation schedule for that system.

Certified Irrigation Technician (CIT)

This certification is for irrigation installers and irrigation maintenance workers. One year field experience or more is recommended prior to writing the CIT - Level 1 exam. Level one must be completed before advancing to CIT- Level 2 Landscape or CIT-Level 2 Agriculture. Completion of the course and passing the exam are both required to be certified. Minimum exam pass mark is 75 %. Course and exam have separate costs. Each CIT exam is now $150.00 + tax. There is a $100 .00 + tax rewrite fee. See Courses for the next CIT course.

  • CIT - Level 1 Certification requires taking a 1 day course and passing the CIT-1 exam.
  • CIT - Level 2 Landscape Certification requires taking the 2 day course and passing the CIT-2 exam.
  • CIT - Agriculture Certification requires taking the 2 day course and passing the CIT-AG exam.

Certified Irrigation Scheduler (CIS)

  • CIS Certification requires taking a 2 day CIS training course and passing the exam.
The IIABC offers a Certified Irrigation Scheduler Certification to learn to use the best tools, technology and knowledge to produce a watering schedule in the simplest, most efficient, and cost effective manner to the benefit of the customer and/ or end user. Learn skills to evaluate a system's problems, determine how uniformity affects irrigation scheduling, perform a proper catch can test, and calculate Precipitation Rate. Students learn to create a simplified irrigation schedule and correctly use the IIABC's online scheduling calculator to create a schedule.

Certified Irrigation Designer (CID)

The Certified Irrigation Designer (CID) Program is available to IIABC members and requires that a person passes the CID exam of the specialty he or she applies for. A minimum one (1) year of irrigation design experience is required to be eligible to write a CID exam. Irrigation Design courses are optional but highly recommended and are priced in addition to the CID Exam Registration fee.

The objective of the program is to establish design standards and criteria throughout the industry and to promote individuals who have achieved a level of competence. A certified designer must pass a rigorous IIABC written examination.

Once certified, the irrigation designer is expected to subscribe to a code of ethics which includes promoting water, soil and energy conservation practices through the development of cost effective and efficient irrigation system designs. A CID will endeavor to design plans for clients that are cost effective, efficient and designed according to the standards and guidelines put forth by the IIABC.

Through this program the IIABC accredits that a successful applicant has passed a 4 hour extensive written exam. Certified designers, following the code of ethics and design standards, are responsible for their own workmanship to ensure program integrity is maintained.

Certified Irrigation Contractor (CIC)

Certified Irrigation Contractor (CIC) status is available to IIABC member companies upon obtaining the credentials established by the IIABC. Certification is determined in two designations: Turf-Residential and Turf-Commercial.

Certified Irrigation Professionals Listings:

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