Certified Irrigation Scheduler Program Information

Holiday Closure Notice

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The IIABC office will be closed from December 22, 2023, to January 05, 2024, for the Christmas and New Year break. We will not be available to answer calls or emails during this time.

Any communications received during the closure will be addressed upon our return. Happy Holidays!

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The CIS Certified person is trained to gather site information to evaluate a system's problems which cause water waste, determine how uniformity affects irrigation scheduling, perform a catch can test, calculate Precipitation Rate & LHDU.  Training includes instruction on the use of the IIABC's online scheduling calculator to create a schedule.

The CIS training strives to simplify the scheduling process and strike a balance between accuracy and simplicity in the creation and use of irrigation watering schedules.

A good scheduler will identify the quickest, easiest and most accurate methods to determine a watering schedule by choosing or excluding various steps and methods as each site dictates.  Watering schedules that are easy to calculate, implement and maintain are more apt to be used and will therefore save water. 

Finally, whether a schedule is developed using detailed analysis and calculations, technology, as in SMART controlllers, or just using one's intuitive knowledge and experience, it will still need to be monitored and adjusted. 

A Certified Irrigation Scheduler (CIS) will use the best tools, technology and knowledge to produce a watering schedule in the simplest, most efficient, and cost effective manner to the benefit of the customer and/or end user.

The IIABC offers a 2 day CIS Training Course with Certification Exam at the end of Day 2.
CIS Exam Prerequisite:  CIT-1, or CID or CLIA

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