Certified Irrigation Designer Program Information

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Certified Irrigation Designer Program

Cost of Enrolling in Certified Irrigation Design (CID) Program

The following costs include a study textbook and upon the completion of the exam, a professional seal and name listed on IIABC website.

These costs do not include any type of instruction course. Design training courses are optional and may be taken through the IIABC or other organizations.

Discipline   Specialty / Cost
Turf   Turf/Residential* $300.00 + GST & for Turf Commercial $300.00  + GST
Agriculture   Sprinkler or Trickle $300.00  + GST
Landscape Drip   $300.00 + GST

Note: *Turf-Residential is a pre-requisite to Turf-Commercial. Costs are per person.

To be eligible for the design program an individual:

  • must be a member of the IIABC or work for a member company
  • must have a minimum of one year of field design experience.

Upon completion of the CID program, a Certified Irrigation Designer will receive:

  • A certificate recognizing the accomplishment.
  • A professional digitol seal to stamp certified design plans & the opportunity to purchase a rubber seal to stamp certified design plans.

To Register for A CID Exam:

  1. Download to download the Certification Program Application form
  2. Complete the registration form and email, fax or mail the form along with payment to the IIABC.
  3. The textbook will be mailed to you. Study the textbook (which does not include a study guide.)  Irrigation Design training courses  are recommended and may be taken where available at an extra cost.   The exam is open book.
  4. After a 30 day minimum study period applicant is eligible to write their CID exam.  Check the IIABC website for upcoming group exam dates or contact the IIABC office to set up an appointment. 
    Group exams are held at the IIABC's Annual Convention in December or in February or March each year in Abbotsford. 
  5. Exam passing grade is 75% or greater.
  6. CID Rewrite fees are  $150.00 (+GST).

Code of Ethics for Certified Irrigation Designers

An IIABC Certified Irrigation Designer is expected to subscribe to the following code of ethics:

  • Uphold the objectives and bylaws of the IIABC, and the integrity of the irrigation industry.
  • Promote water, soil and energy conservation practices through the development of cost effective and efficient irrigation system designs.
  • To legitimately present personal capabilities and experience in all business practices. Follow IIABC standards and guidelines where possible with regard to the design, installation and maintenance of irrigation systems.
  • When standards or guidelines have not been established, responsible procedures shall be adhered to. Provide all design data and detail as required with the irrigation plan.
  • Preserve the integrity of the certification program by using the designer seal in a professional manner.

The IIABC recognizes some similar Certifications to those of The Irrigation Association (IA) Certifications.

The IIABC will recognize some certifications by members who have achieved IA Certifications. Contact the IIABC for equivalencies.

Download to download the Exam Program Application Form